Minutes - Faculty Meeting - November, 2007

Plymouth State University

Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November, 2007

3:35PM-5PM - Heritage Commons

Approval of draft minutes of the 10/03/07 meeting.

The following corrections were proposed by Gary McCool and approved by the faculty:

a. Item III, New Business, motion C: change "Academic Policy" to "Admissions Policy."

b. Item III, New Business, motion H: to correct the this section to read,

Motion from the GITF: (Linda Levy)

That the Faculty By-Laws, Article XI.C. (Committees) delete the sentence, "Ad hoc committees shall be created by the Steering Committee as the need arises."

A motion to amend this motion was proposed by Gary McCool. This amendment would keep the sentence in question and revise it to read "Ad Hoc committees shall be created by the Steering Committee as the need arises (see Article IX.B.3). This amendment was defeated. The original motion then passed.

The minutes were approved as corrected.

I. Reports

a. President Sara Jayne Steen:

-- Discussed the recent problems following the Red Sox World Series' victory. The Student Senate has offered to have the students bear the expense of this vandalizing ($20,000) if the people responsible do not come forward by December 1, and has encouraged any students with information on the persons responsible to share that information. Dr. Steen has had productive dialog with students about their concerns and will be considering the suggestions and comments they have made. Her conversations with townspeople have been generally positive, but she feels that PSU can do better.

-- The Board of Trustees' meeting last month was very successful. The Sustainability presentation went very well. The Trustees were thrilled with the presentation, and that someone actually asked them what they do (student presentation).

-- EdD - Our bill to go forward for doctoral authority (one sentence in our charter) has been entered into the legislature. Many supportive sponsors have stepped forward, including our local reps and senator. Statewide support is anticipated.

-- The Common Man competition is getting wonderful publicity. Remember to go online and vote! We have hosted a number of political candidates on campus - with spectacular response.

-- The Child Development and Family Center has received their reaccreditation after the requirements for being reaccredited were expanded and strengthened. Congratulations to them for this big accomplishment.

-- Mary Lyon Hall has been rededicated. Beautiful pewter ornaments commemorating the event are available. If you want a tour, let the President's Office know.

-- The Pumpkins are up.

-- She has recently been meeting with some academic departments. Workload is a common topic. She would like more of an opportunity to talk with people in smaller groups, not necessarily in department meetings. To accomplish that, President Steen will be hosting small dinners with small groups of faculty to have more intimate conversations.

-- President Steen announced that she had brought more of the "Excellence" brochure to pass out for those who had not yet received one.

b. Provost Julie Bernier:

Will send her report out electronically after the meeting today (attached, Appendix B). She also offered to do follow-up meetings or presentations if people want to spend more time on anything she covered today.

II. New Business

a. Resolutions of the Standing Committees-none

b. Motion from the Faculty Welfare Committee: (Mary Cornish)

That the Plymouth State Faculty approve the replacement of the current Faculty Bylaws, Article XI (Committees) F 7 with the proposed bylaws (see Appendix A).

Rationale: As charged by the GITF, the Faculty Welfare Committee has
examined the current bylaws. We researched the descriptions and functions
of Faculty Welfare Committees on other campuses, as well as surveyed and
held conversations with PSU faculty regarding the composition and functions of the Faculty Welfare Committee. The proposed bylaws represent a more comprehensive and accurate depiction of the purpose and functions of the FWC.

Proposed friendly amendment: Gary McCool: In the very last item under functions #5, revise sentence to read: To request a faculty forum or a special meeting of the faculty if in the....

Motion passed with the amendment.

c. Motion from the GITF: (Linda Levy)

That the Faculty By-Laws, Article XI.D. (Committees) be deleted from the Faculty By-Laws.

Current wording: The President of the University and the Chair of the Executive Council are non-voting ex officio members of all committees and councils except the Review Committee, and shall be notified of meeting times and places.

Motion passed.

III. Announcements

Alice O'Connor had tickets for both the OS and PAT raffles to sell. She also had information to hand out about the Gingerbread House competition going on to help raise money for the Alternative Spring Break trips.

Cynthia Vascak announced that a new exhibit was opening at the Drerup Gallery.

IV. Adjourned at 4:35 p.m.


Proposed language for the Faculty Bylaws, Article XI (Committees) F 7:

Faculty Welfare Committee:
The academic reputation and vitality of the University is integrally linked to the quality of the faculty. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the University and the students to attract and keep high-quality faculty. Toward that end, the Faculty Welfare Committee represents the interests of the faculty.

a. Composition:
The Faculty Welfare Committee shall have six (6) elected faculty members. The term of each elected member shall be for three years, with two members being elected each year. The President, the Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Director of Human Resources, and the USNH Legal Counsel shall be available to serve as consultants to the Faculty Welfare Committee, at the expressed request of the Committee.

In addition, the Faculty Speaker shall appoint a faculty member to be a non-voting participant on the committee for a one-year, non-renewable term. This member shall be selected from a pool of faculty with not more than five years service at PSU.

The Chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee shall be elected annually from among its members and must be a tenured faculty member. The Chair of Faculty Welfare, or his/her designee, who must be a tenured faculty member, shall serve as an ex officio, voting member of the Grievance Resolution Committee. The Chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee serves on the University Steering Committee.

b. Functions:
The Faculty Welfare Committee has as its functions:

(1) To represent the interests of the faculty as a group of professional persons; (reference Bylaws of the Trustees, The Faculty Welfare Committee). The Committee will advocate for the welfare of the faculty and will make recommendations to the faculty and/or administration on matters affecting the welfare of the faculty, including but not limited to: academic freedom; promotion and tenure; compensation and benefits; workload; personnel policies; professional ethics; and "quality of life" issues related to working conditions.

(2) To serve as a point of contact and consult with other groups, constituencies, and/or administrators when they formulate, revise, or propose policies affecting faculty welfare.

(3) To select one of its members to serve as a representative to the USNH System Personnel Policy Council meetings.

(4) To report annually on its activities to the full faculty.

(5) To call a special meeting of the faculty, if in the Committee's judgment one is necessary.

(6) To perform such other duties as specified by the Faculty Handbook and by these Bylaws.