Minutes - Academic Affairs Committee - December 16, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee

December 16, 2007, 4:00

Frost Academic Commons

Present: Deb Tobine, Mark Fischler, Scott Coydendall, Robin DeRosa, Liz Ahl, David Zehr, Christian Bisson, Cynthia Vascak, Gene Fahey, Linda Levy, Alley Dethlefs (Student), Gene Martin (Student). Excused: Dick Hage, David Mackey

Minutes (Corrected)

I. Approve minutes of November 19 meeting.

Corrected and approved.

II. Announcements

Remember to save the dates of January 8 (Academic Probation Contracts) and

January 16 (Review Academic Severance appeals).

III. Old Business

a) David Z. presented a motion that was sent to the curriculum committee regarding programs that offer options in their major.

The motion:

Modify Academic Catalog--declaring majors, options, and minors

Current copy: "...Where there are several options available within a major, it is advisable for students to choose the one that best suits their interests rather than to pursue several overlapping options jointly."

Add the following:

"If a student does choose to pursue a second or subsequent option, at least 12 credits must be different from the first option. To complete an option a student uses the same catalog as the major."

Liz - explained that this motion is coming to us because of our role in academic standards.

David Z. - Explained that his motion is not to stop the pursuit of 2 options within a major but to assure that there is enough distinction between two options to warrant additional work.

Linda - Indicated that the motion at the curriculum committee came without any input from each department providing majors with various options.

Mark - Proposed that perhaps we can keep the power of decision of what majors can have overlapping option if they justify it to the curriculum committee.

Linda and Cynthia - Proposed that a memo be sent to all department chairs to look at this proposal and evaluate the impact it will have on the various majors offering more than one option.

Action - Liz will contact the curriculum committee and share the AAC committee our conversation about the motion as well as recommending that the curriculum committee bring the motion to the council of chairs for information purpose.

b) Advising - Discussion of advising document and recommendations

-Questions for faculty

-Expectations/Responsibilities Document Draft

-Discuss reporting to the Faculty/getting feedback

Robin - Asked for an update about the advising task -

Robin - Proposed that perhaps we could meet over January.

Action: Robin - Will write a condensation report on where we are with the advising issue.

c) MOTION from David Mackey: "The number of undergraduate majors in a

department shall not exceed a ratio of 55 students per full time faculty member." (Tabled)

Motion tabled because David M. is not present.

d) Liz - Inquired to Gene F. how many students will be admitted to Spring 2008 semester.

Gene - Explained that about 160 students have been admitted and that perhaps of those 110 students will come with 0 to 45 credits.

David Z. - Expressed concerns that we might have difficulty offering courses and choices in the Gen. Ed. curriculum.

Mark - Asked David Z. what can be done to alleviate the problem?

David Z. - Proposed that maybe we should not overbook the registration anymore.

Robin - Proposed that perhaps the AAC committee could write a report of the effect on the academic experience when there is large enrollment.

Action- Robin - Required that perhaps we could receive a report from the Enrollment Management Group.

e) How many students are being (re)admitted for the spring? (David Mackey)

IV. New Business

a) Curriculum Committee motion (see attached Curriculum Change Form) for


b) Election of Committee AAC Chair for the Spring 2008

Scott - Requested that the AAC look at the productivity of the AAC since it was recently created to offer service to the University.

Robin was elected to the AAC chair.

Cynthia - Proposed that we meet for more than one hour at our meeting.

Minutes taken by: Christian Bisson