Minutes - Academic Affairs Committee - February 18, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee

February 18, 2008 3:45 PM

Frost Academic Commons

Present: Mark Fischler Linda Levy, Robin DeRosa, Cynthia Vascak, David Zehr, Gene Martin, Aly Dethlefs, Deb Tobine, Dick Hage, Gene Fahey

Excused: David Mackey, Scott Coykendall, Christian Bisson

1) Scribe appointed

2) Minutes of February 4 meeting

Minutes were corrected and approved


Section II Announcements – “readmitted” was changed to “reinstated”

Section IV New Business – “The proposal was accepted” was changed to “The motion was passed unanimously ”

3) Announcements

a. Half-semester grades can be entered in Banner when course ends

b. Incompletes/NG Policy will go to March faculty meeting

4) Faculty Advising Survey

Discussion and revision of survey. Linda will edit survey and forward to Robin

5) Enrollment Management Report

Discussion of faculty interest in enrollment levels. Agreement to invite Bill Crangle and/or Julie Bernier to discuss the relationship of budget and enrollment

6) Transfer Issue (Linda) – tabled

7) Diversity Reports and Subcommittee (Robin) – tabled

8) Stop-Out Policy (David Z) – proposed for Frost students. Discussion: should policy cover both Frost and day students?

9) Using Attendance as a Grading Criterion (David Z) – Discussion: should there be a uniform grading criterion as it relates to absences?

10) Lack of Friday Classes (B. Egbert) – tabled

Meeting adjourned 5:10 PM


Probation Contracts - Thursday June 5;

Severance Appeals – Tuesday, June 17

Center Lodge, 9:00 AM

Next Meetings – Mondays, March 3 and 31

Respectfully Submitted, Gene Fahey