Minutes - Academic Affairs Committee - April 7, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee

Monday, April 7, 2008, 3:45-5:00pm

Frost Academic Commons

 Present: Robin DeRosa, Deb Tobine, Scott Coydendall, David Zehr, Cynthia Vascak, Christian Bisson, Mark Fischler, Linda Levy, Aly Dethlefs (Student), Gene Martin (Student), David Mackey, Gene Fahey.



 1.       Attendance Policy:

Linda - Proposed that all none regularly scheduled meeting are advertised in advance such as in banner, the course schedule, or in the syllabus.  In addition, none regularly scheduled meeting should have alternative assignments if students cannot attend them.

Christian - Reminded us that not all events coordinated within a course does not all need to be advertised in advance since often, a time can be negotiated between faculty and students.

Mark - Shared that according to his experience the Athletic Department philosophy is to allow students to misses up to three classes.

Gene M. - Reminded the committee that the purpose of the policy should be to allow our faculty use judgment in each case presented to them.

Robin - Indicated that the majority of cases are from students that have attendance delinquency. Our new policy should not encourage absenteeism.

Linda - Recommended that the policy should be clearly explained the absence policy.

David Mc - Inquired what an official document would look like - David explained that this remains in the purview of the faculty.

Robin and Scott - Indicated that for some classes it is just not easy to offer make-up assignments.

Alley - Indicated that she would like to have a universal policy used by all faculty.

Robin - Proposed that perhaps a small group of people could verify and evaluate cases of absence due to extraordinary circumstances.

David Z. - Explained that the document was based on many other institutions policy.

Linda - Proposed that we accept the policy with the possibility of some corrections ready for our next meeting.

Robin - Asked the committee to accept the motion as it is written or to table it so that people can send recommendations to David. The AAC members selected to vote on the motion.

Motion Pass (9 in favor/3 opposed/ 0 abstentions)

2.       Discussion about Julie and Bill's Visit about Student Enrollment.

Robin - Indicated that she was surprised that the main problem according to Julie is the lack of Direction classes.

Linda - Indicated that perhaps some faculty might have not embrace the new Gen. Ed. program and perhaps have not converted their classes to the new Gen.  Ed and therefore we have now less Direction classes.

Robin - Indicated that perhaps the problem is that the direction classes cannot double count and perhaps we have now created a bigger problem.

Robin - Proposed that it might appropriate for us to meet with the Gen.  Ed. committee so we can compare our findings with their own analysis.

3.       Report from Linda for the GITF

Robin proposed that the AAC members should digest the report and come up with 3 to 5 major issues.

Linda - Indicated that we need to be able to present to the report to the GITF soon within two weeks.

(Submitted by R. DeRosa)