2 thoughts on “General Education Reform Discussion

  1. Our department has created a committee to review our Gen Ed offerings. I am a member of this committee. I would like to hear ideas on allowing students to count courses that are required for a major to fulfill Gen Ed requirements. For example, students used to be allowed to count the Physics sequence I teach as fulfilling their science requirement. I estimate about 40% of my students in that course did so. It increased the diversity in my class. It gave us more Gen Ed offerings. And it gave students the flexibility of taking usually more demanding courses to fulfill the requirement. (Also, the idea that a waver is required to allow science students to count their science courses as fulfilling the science requirement is to me embarassing as a school.) We should consider making this change to the program.
    Also, I am concerned about offrings that meet once a week. I was a member of the Frost Council, and I do understand that we should meet the needs of people who can only do that kind of course, and that we should have courses for them. But for our traditional students this is not the best format. Online discussion of astronomy courses on this level tend to indicate that 2 meetings a week is less optimum than 3. Once a week is not a good idea. Unless we expect the course is to be taken by mostly nontrads, we should meet more than once a week.
    I look forward to your comments. Thanks. Dennis

  2. Just after the Gen Ed reform faculty forum, I spoke to several individuals and one person made a suggestions that has met with general agreement. Why don't we reduce the number of directions courses students must take to one course per directions with the caveat that the saved credits (12-13 credits) are reserved for free electives (which includes minors)?

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