2009 Faculty Elections - Candidates' Statements

Nominees for 2009 faculty elections are invited to use this space to post statements concerning their nominations for faculty committees or other elected positions. This is purely voluntary and is intended primarily as a means for newer faculty to introduce themselves to the wider faculty prior to the election (although any faculty nominee should feel free to post a statement). This space is not intended as a Q & A forum.

On the first line, please post your name, department, and the committee or position for which you are running. Follow that with your brief statement.


The Nominating & Balloting Committee
Scott Coykendall, Evelyn Stiller, & Mark Turski

P.S. The current list of nominees follows.

Academic Affairs Committee
(meets 3rd Mondays 3:45-5:15 and 4th Fridays 2:30-4:30)
Whitney Howarth William Kietzman
Barbara Lopez-Mayhew Christian Roberson
Francis M. Williams Roxana Wright
Athletic Council
(meets 1st Mondays at 2:30)
Roger Blake Samuel Brickley
Lynn V. Johson William Kietzman
Bryon Middlekauff Wendy J. Palmquist

Curriculum Committee
(meets 3rd Fridays at 2:30)

Bonnie Bechard Christian Bisson
Karolyn Kinane Vedran Lelas
Nick Sevigney Lisa Spradley
Francis M. Williams Eun-Ho Yo

Faculty Welfare Committee
(2nd and 4th Friday from 2:30-4:30)

John Downs Mark Fischler
William Kietzman Zhizhang Shen
Roxana Wright

Frost School Council
(meets 2nd Tuesdays at 3:30)

Terri Dautcher William Kietzman
Christian Roberson

General Education Committee
(meets 2nd and 4th Mondays at 2:30)

Chris Chabot Joel Funk
Wilson Garcia Elliott Gruner
Jong-Yoon Kim Christian Roberson

Grievance Resolution Committee

William Kietzman Christian Roberson
Zhizhang Shen Anil Waghe
James Whiting

Planning/Budgeting Leadership Committee

Marcia Schmidt Blaine Trent Boggess
William Kietzman Cynthia Vascak
Anil Waghe

Observers to Student Senate

Eric Cintron

Representative to the PAT Senate
Lourdes Avilés

Representative to the Board of Trustees
Tom Driscoll
Phil Lonergan

Representative to the Board of Trustees’ Financial Affairs Committee
No nominee

Faculty Speaker Elect
Scott Coykendall


3 thoughts on “2009 Faculty Elections - Candidates' Statements

  1. Dr. Whitney Howarth
    History, Department of Social Sciences
    Nominee for Academic Affairs Committee

    I am excited to be a nominee for the Academic Affairs Committee because I am dedicated to improving advising support services and academic standards at PSU. This is my fifth year at PSU and my first run for a principal policy making committee. I believe that my student-oriented pedagogy, and my commitment to developing programs that support faculty in their efforts to improve academic standards in their disciplines, make me an excellent candidate for this position. As a member of the President’s Commission on Diversity and the Women’s Studies Council, I believe there is a strong connection between academia and diversity-related categories such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical ability, and learning styles. My personal interest in these areas will prove very useful if I am elected to this committee because the AAC plays an important role in creating academic support services for various under-represented groups, as well as working with the Admissions office to recruit and retain diverse populations of students. Lastly, I believe that my passion for advising, my continual growth as an advisor, and my willingness to engage in reflective practice on this front (and in my teaching) make me a strong candidate for election to this committee. I hope you will consider electing me so that I may make a difference. I look forward to undertaking this important work with compassionate heart and open mind.

    Thank you

  2. Elliott Gruner
    English Department
    Nominee for General Education

    I'm very excited about rejoining the General Education Committee because I want to make our program more effective and transparent. This is my second year at PSU. I direct Composition and have taught our First Year Seminar. I have experience with general education work at four other universities. I served on the General Education Committee here last spring as a semester replacement and actively participated in several discussions dedicated to assessment challenges. Assessment is, I think, our most pressing need, and I have experience designing, resourcing, administering, and analyzing large-scale assessments. I'd like to contribute that experience to the continuing work of the Committee We might also explore opportunities to improve the program through better integration of existing offerings. I've tried to do this already through working on synergies between Composition and First Year Seminar, two foundation courses for our current program. I think we should talk more often--and not just when we are debating a friendly or unfriendly proposal--about General Education so that we all can better understand, support, and contribute to what we are offering.

  3. Marcia Schmidt Blaine
    Social Science Department - History
    Nominee for the Planning and Budgeting Leadership Group (the PBLG)

    Having been involved in faculty governance for the last several years, I have become intrigued with the impact of long-term planning on the health of the University. I have served on the various faculty groups: Executive Council, the Subcommittee on Governance, Academic Standards Committee, Goverance Implementation Task Force, the Steering Committee, University Leadership Group, Extended Cabinet, and as Speaker-Elect and Speaker. I believe that my service will help me act as a conduit for faculty concerns to the PBLG. If elected, I look forward to serving the faculty and acting as their voice on the PBLG.

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