2010 Faculty Elections - Candidates' Statements

Nominees for 2010 faculty elections are invited to use this space to post statements concerning their nominations for faculty committees or other elected positions. This is purely voluntary and is intended primarily as a means for newer faculty to introduce themselves to the wider faculty prior to the election (although any faculty nominee should feel free to post a statement). This space is not intended as a Q & A forum.

On the first line, please post your name, department, and the committee or position for which you are running. Follow that with your brief statement.


The Nominating & Balloting Committee
Elaine Allard, Christian Roberson, Kurt Schroeder

P.S. The current list of nominees follows.

Academic Affairs Committee
(meets 3rd Mondays 3:45-5:15 and 4th Fridays 2:30-4:30)
Linda Levy Sam Miller
Zhizhang Shen Clarissa Uttley
Athletic Council
(meets 1st Mondays at 2:30)
Bonnie Bechard Roger Blake
Samuel Brickley Bonnie Epstein
Phil Lonergan

Curriculum Committee
(meets 3rd Fridays at 2:30)

Bob Egbert Roger Marshall
Wendy Palmquist Michele Pruyn
Christine Rine Nick Sevigney
Francis M. Williams

Faculty Welfare Committee
(2nd and 4th Friday from 2:30-4:30)

Jeremiah Duncan John Kulig
Daniel Lee Nick Sevigney


General Education Committee
(meets 2nd and 4th Mondays at 2:30)

Sam Brickley Peter Drexel
Jason Swift

Grievance Resolution Committee

Bob Egbert Mike Fischler
Bob Heiner Jong-Yoon Kim
Trish Lindberg Paul Rogalus
Zhizhang Shen

Planning/Budgeting Leadership Committee

Dennis Machnik Richard Sparks

Observers to Student Senate

No nominee

Representative to the PAT Senate
No nominee

Representative to the Board of Trustees
Yvette Lazdowski

Representative to the Board of Trustees’ Financial Affairs Committee
Yvette Lazdowski

Faculty Speaker Elect
Terri Dautcher


4 thoughts on “2010 Faculty Elections - Candidates' Statements

  1. Hello. I'm interested in serving on the curriculum committee because I am developing curriculums for my research. I've recently been involved in creating high school field ecology curriculums in cooperation with the Rey Center in Waterville Valley. Working with PSU's curriculum committee, I hope to learn more about our standards and share what I learn about science curriculum standards for high school and middle school.

  2. Throughout my many years of teaching, both at the high school and college level I have been actively involved with student athletes. At the college level, it has been more as a spectator and supportor. Several years ago, I volunteered to be an observer on the athletic council and thoroughly enjoyed being involved with this group. Since then I have tried to be elected to the council and am doing so again. This is a group that I truly want to serve with as this is a personal interest of mine.

  3. Having taken my required "sabbatical" from the Curriculum Committee this year, I would like to return to it. I care deeply about the undergraduate curriculum; I actually first studied it in a course on higher education I took my senior year of college, and have stayed interested in it ever since, not only in ours here at PSU, but what is happening to the undergraduate curriculum on a national basis. I have missed being actively involved this year, and would like to bring my interest, knowledge, and experience back to the committee.

  4. I am running for Athletic Council because of my interest in college athletics. I earned a sports scholarship to college, where I played Division II ice hockey, so I am keenly interested in the challenges and opportunities that our student-athletes face here at PSU. I also have a young daughter who has just started ice hockey, and this has fueled my interests in gender equity in sport and Title IX issues. If elected to this position, I promise to serve actively and with good humor, to respect the potential benefits that athletics offers to our campus, to focus on the intellectual developments of our student athletes, and to ask important questions about equity and access when required.

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